Thank you. Yone-san (b.l.t January 2019)

Yonetani Nanami is graduating from the group within the year.

Yonemin who, with her bright smile, wrapped the group in her warmth.

I will tell you my gratitude now. Thank you-----

There is a lot of things I’d like to hear, but on the other hand, does Yonetani-san have anything that you want to say?

“Hmm~ As usual, I’m not good at talking about myself (laughs). I think I’m better at listening to someone.”

Well then, I will ask about your graduation. In blt graph vol 30, back in March, I actually sensed that Yonetani-san seemed to be lost. Has your feelings been shaken since that time?

“Yes, I had various things in mind. Before I entered university, I think that my expectations and worry were pretty evenly divided. I thought about, “What should I do if I didn’t fit in?” but when I started to attend, I actually had more interest than I expected and slowly started to enjoy studying”

Do you have a different feeling when you study at school and when you are active as a member of Keyaki?

“Perhaps un…

The slope we climbed together, the same sky we looked up to (Yonetani Nanami x Koike Minami ENTAME December 12)

“Yonesan” aka Yonetani Nanami made an impactful graduation announcement in September. She spent a lot of time together with Koike Minami, who also came from Kansai, and she recalled memories of rushing up the slope while balancing her academic studies. I wonder what kind of scenery the two of them, who climbed the same slope together, see? Because the two of them are best friends, I asked them about their true feelings.

The slope we climbed together, the same sky we looked up to. Laughs, tears, the memories of the close friends who supported each other.
Koike Minami (“I have always been supported by Yone’s broad-mindedness”) x Yonetani Nanami (“I like Minami who’s always kind no matter what”)

The day when our family sent us off to Tokyo
-- Yonetani-san will graduate at the end of the 7th single’s activities. It seems like Yonetani-san and Koike-san have become good friends ever since the two talked at the announcement day for Keyakizaka46
Yone: Yeah it seems so but… Actually, i don’t rem…