Sugai Yuuka interview with MOVIE WALKER (18th September 2020)

“"The group name 'Keyakizaka46' itself takes on a life of its own, and I really no longer know what kind of image the fans and the public have of us anymore. The dilemma was that we couldn't convey the members’ realistic selves to them.”Sugai Yuuka, the Captain of Keyakizaka46, recalls her days of being distressed by the speculation and thoughtless reports on the Internet.
“Our Lies and Truth: Documentary of Keyakizaka46” that was postponed due to the influence of COVID, is the group’s first documentary movie. It follows their turbulent 5 years, starting with the group’s formation in 2015, the birth of “Hiragana Keyakizaka46” that is now currently active as “Hinatazaka46”, the time when members such as Kobayashi Yui, Watanabe Rika, and Watanabe Risa expanded their individual jobs working as exclusive models for magazines, the withdrawal of Absolute Center Hirate Yurina and graduations, and finally their announcement of renaming. Based on footage of live performances an…

Kobayashi Yui, Sugai Yuuka, Moriya Akane interview in Weekly Playboy

Since its shocking debut, Keyakizaka46 has run through the music scene with its 4 consecutive Kouhaku appearances and successful Tokyo Dome appearance. However, the Absolute Center Hirate Yurina withdrew in January this year. After a performance held in Yoyogi National Gymnasium on 12th and 13th of October, the group’s activity will be put to rest, and they will restart under a new name. What happened behind all the frenzy? We asked Sugai Yuuka, Kobayashi Yui, and Moriya Akane about it.
I’ll leave it to them to decide what they feel about the movie
The group’s documentary movie “Our Lies and Truth: Documentary of Keyakizaka46” was supposed to be released in April, but it will now finally be screened. Can you tell us what the members felt when watching this movie?
Kobayashi: Past live performance footage isalso put inside the movie, and seeing the stage from fans’ perspective felt fresh. I got goosebumps several times, thinking, “So it’s this powerful”
Sugai: Due to the postponement, the o…

Just Started (Koike Minami, blt graph vol 58)

A masterful performance. The center position. Needless to say, the sight of her dancing, sometimes fearlessly, sometimes with a smile on her face, struck a chord with me. But she was not in the least satisfied. In fact, she even exudes the frustration of a failed performance. It is precisely that self-critical attitude, that has been her motivation.
During the online livestream concert “KEYAKIZAKA46 Live Online but with YOU!” held on July 16, Koike-san filled the center position for “Ambivalent”. I was fascinated by your imposing performance, and at the same time, I was once again reminded of just how much the impression of a song can change depending on the center. What kind of conversation did you have with the choreographer, TAKAHIRO-san, approaching the concert? Please tell us about that to begin with.
Koike: In the beginning, we were told that since we will be announcing our group’s renaming at the end of the concert, we were going to go back to basics and perform the original vers…

The 5 years and what’s to come (Sugai Yuuka, Weekly Shounen Magazine vol 38 (19th August 2020))

Up till now, Keyakizaka46 has announced many impressive songs, to you, which song has echoed the most inside you?Over time, the song that comes to mind when thinking “Now I understand the lyrics” is “Tokyo tower wa doko kara mieru?”. We performed it at the livestream concert on July 16th as well and the lyrics; “Amending fragments of memoriesMaking them prettier than the truthSuch a thing happenedI want to tell you about that some day”*, are especially important with us currently. Someday, I want to be able to laugh it away with the fans that supported us and say “A lot of things happened at that time, huh?”. When we look back at this situation, I was able to sympathize with that.*T/N: translation taken from Stage48
How has your view changed compared to the first time you listened to it?At first it was a song that would hype the audience up during concerts, the lyrics are also a little hard so I couldn’t understand them, but it’s a memorable song we have performed many times during con…

Documentary movie interview in FLASH 15th September 2020 edition (Sugai Yuuka x Watanabe Risa)

The group, or the members?... There were many time when I was torn - Sugai Yuuka
I thought that there is no point if Hirate is not the Center - Watanabe Risa

“Our Lies and Truth: Documentary of Keyakizaka46” that follows the activity of Keyakizaka46 since the time of their formation in August ‘15 until the announcement of its renaming in 16th July 2020 will be released. Their striking debut, the Tokyo Dome performance, Hirate Yurina’s withdrawalCaptain Sugai Yuuka and Watanabe Risa revealed the truth behind Keyakizaka46’s turbulent five years history
Hirate Yurina, who was the absolute ace. The members were influenced by her, and slowly changed by it
After the performance in Kouhaku last year (2019). Hirate said her goodbyes to each one of the members. Her heart is already set
Keyakizaka46 has been expressing the powerful messages in the world view of their lyrics with overwhelming performances. A documentary movie that follows their five years is about to be releasedSugai “It has become a…

A 3-part Interview about Keyakizaka46, the documentary movie, and Fukyouwaon (Modelpress 29th August - 31st August 2020)

Note: As suggested by the hairstyle and uniform, this interview is probably conducted in early 2020[PART 1]Q Keyakizaka established a new idol presence, and while your cool image is strong, are you worried about how that image takes precedence?Akanen: While the “cool” song image takes precedence, we are actually rich with emotions and filled with laughter in like backstage and such, but we rarely get the opportunities to show that side to the screen… Even though the members are very close and have built a trusting relationship with each other, there are those who say that we are on “bad terms” and I’m frustrated that we cannot show people what we are truly are like.Q What kind of group do you really want to convey?Yuuka: I think Keyakizaka46 is a group with a lot of gaps, in a good sense, so I hope more people can see that although we sing songs that are cool or show a rebellious spirit, the members are just normal girls of their age.Yuipon: When I'm on stage, I try my best to con…

The Moment - How does it feel? - First Interview: Sugai Yuuka x Moriya Akane (Special Official Fan Club interview)

"To put everything we have into it"
Their resolve for the Center-less last single
"After all, the decision to end it is frustrating"“It’s really… difficult to put into words” - Sugai
There were many conflicted feelings behind their resolve.
On 16th July 2020, on the stage of their first audience-free online live performance "KEYAKIZAKA46 Live Online, but with YOU!", Keyakizaka46 announced their renaming. The ups and downs of emotions leading up to that decision could not be simply summed up in a few words.
“When I look back on the past 5 years, there are so many things that have happened. About the renaming, what we first thought about was if there was any way at all that we could continue as Keyakizaka. The decision to end it is… frustrating, after all.” - Sugai
 However, since their pivotal live performance at Tokyo Dome in September 2019, their activities have not progressed as expected. The release of the single was postponed and a string of members graduat…