Watanabe Risa and the reason why she still stands on the stage (Yahoo! Japan interview 13th April 2019)

“I never really thought that I want to come up front” “I don’t think that I am the greedy type” -- Keyakizaka46’s Watanabe Risa (20 years old) modestly self analyze herself. Watanabe works not only as a prominent member of Keyakizaka46, but also as an exclusive model for fashion magazine “nonno”. In the magazine’s May issue, she was chosen for the cover and is gaining support from the readers.

And yet Watanabe says that since she was a child, she was bad at standing in front of people. Why did she choose to be an Idol, why did she continue to sing and dance in front of thousands of people?

I never thought that “I want to be famous”
"I never thought of “I want to be famous”. To think that I am working as a member of Keyakizaka46 surprised me too. It is a different future than the one I had in mind when I was a child."

Keyakizaka46 was born in 2015 as a “New Project from Nogizaka46”. Watanabe Risa started her activity as one of the starting members, and currently entering her 5…

Kobayashi Yui interview with MyNavi (12th March 2019)

Kobayashi Yui, a member of idol group Keyakizaka46, will release her first photobook titled "Kanjou no Kouzu (Composition of Emotions)" (13th March / published by KADOKAWA). Kobayashi Yui served as Center in the 69th Kouhaku Uta Gassen last year, acting as Center on behalf of Hirate Yurina who is taking a rest. She received a great attention from public, it can be said that she have significantly grow through the experience. We asked her about her feelings for Keyakizaka46, and her personal goals.

■ Surprised by the influence of becoming Kouhaku Center
―― You becoming the Center for last year's Kouhaku have become a big topic. I was moved by your powerful performance, but what did you feel when you first heard about it?

It felt "There's no choice but to do it!". There's no other choice but to. Among the people I have met since the change of the year, it have become a bigger topic than I expected. Once again I felt the influence of Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Th…

Takemoto Yui x Tamura Hono Interview from RealSound (2nd March 2019)

The new member audition『Sakamichi Joint Audition』Keyakizaka46, Nogizaka46, Hinatazaka46(Hiragana Keyakizaka 46 during this time)was conducted in 2018, there were 9 new 2nd generation members added to Keyakizaka46. In December 2018, Hinatazaka46 and Keyakizaka46's 2nd generation members had their 『Omitatekai』. Now the chances to see the 2nd generation members have gradually increased in their appearances in media and in their crown program『Keyakitte, Kakenai』.

In RealSound, we’ve interviewed 2nd generation Takemoto Yui and Tamura Hono. Before the『Omitatekai』, Takemoto and Tamura attracted attention when they performed 「Ambivalent」with the 1st generation in last year's『Utacon』. We talked about the backstage situation in the same program where they performed for the first time,  the reason for the both of them to aim to become an idol, their feelings during the audition and their goals as member of Keyakizaka46. (Editorial Department)

I want to give someone else the same shock I f…

Fujiyoshi Karin x Yamasaki Ten Interview from TOKYO POP LINE (26th February 2019)

“Everything is new, it’s fun” “I’m glad she could act like a 1st grade middle schooler”
――When you decided to join Keyakizaka46, how was the reaction around you?

Fujiyoshi: My friends said that they were going to miss when I was going to Tokyo. My parents were expecting a lot, so there was a great pressure. But I don’t feel like I’m under pressure at all.

――They are cheering for you.

Fujiyoshi: That’s right. But it looks like it’s the opposite (laughs). But they’re kind. I keep in touch with them everyday, we talk about work, we talk about the future, we talk about lots of things.

――How it was for Yamasaki-san?

Yamasaki: My surroundings were pretty noisy, my seniors came to see my in my classroom, there were such things. I asked the other members if it was the same for them, but the reactions were completely different, there were schools where nothing happened, and others were pretty noisy, and I thought this difference for each areas was interesting.

Fujiyoshi: For me, there was no…

Inoue Rina x Morita Hikaru Interview from Billboard Japan (27th February 2019)

I am worried if we will be accepted
―― Please tell me about the relationship between you two. You two are in a different grade, but both of you are born in 2001 right?

Inoue: I think that Runrun (Morita) is the first member I became close with after being assigned to Keyakizaka46

Morita:Inoue only just turned 18th on 29th of January, and that time I realized once again that she is a year above me. Until then we were both the same age.

―― Did something happened that made you become close?

Morita: Back when I attended from Fukuoka, I have always stayed in a hotel, and that time we went out for dinner together. I think that’s where we started getting close.

―― Other than that, is there a member who left a big impression?

Inoue:Well it would definitely be the youngest member, Yamasaki Ten. When I was in middle school, I wasn’t that mature, she has guts too. But the childishness she occasionally shows is really cute, everyone loves her. During interviews like this, her choice of words, wo…

Morita Hikaru x Matsudaira Riko x Yamasaki Ten from B.L.T April 2019

Why did you decided to take the audition?
Morita “I loved the Sakamichi Group, and the ‘Your life will change this summer’ tagline from the ‘Sakamichi Joint Audition’ CM caught my attention, and I wanted to see Imaizumi Yui-san who I loved. The venue for the 3rd round of the audition was in Tokyo, it was my first time going to Tokyo, I went there alone and I don’t have a sense of direction, so I was more concerned about arriving at the venue rather than the audition itself……”
Yamasaki “In my case, I liked Keyakizaka46 more than idols. I had never thought about becoming an idol, but when I saw the ‘Sakamichi Joint Audition’ CM that Sugai Yuuka-san appeared in, I decided to join the audition. At that time, there was nothing I really wanted to do, and I wasn’t good at anything too. So, I started to think ‘This is the only thing for me’. Of course, I didn’t think that I was going to pass the audition, my feeling was ‘I want to join Keyakizaka46!’ rather than the other groups, and now that…

New members! The First Contact with 9 members (Keyakizaka46 2nd gen, MARQUEE vol. 131)

The 2nd generation Kanji Keyakizaka46 members who started their activity with Omitatekai in Budokan on 10th December last year. The 9 members who joined the only Sakamichi group who have never had new members until now is Inoue Rina, Takemoto Yui, Fujiyoshi Karin, and Yamasaki Ten from Kansai; Seki Yumiko, Matsuda Rina, and Morita Hikaru from Kyushu; and Matsudaira Riko from Tokyo. It is interesting how there are more members who come from West as compared to the two other groups’ members who passed the audition. This time the 9 members are gathered, and while exploring their respective characters, we will also talk about Keyakizaka46, their current feelings, and who is their oshimen among the seniors. Keyakizaka46’s 2nd gen individuality is beyond what you imagined!
So many members who come from the West
Everyone except Matsudaira who is from Tokyo is from Kansai and Kyushu. What did you think when you passed the audition and have to move to Tokyo?

Yamasaki: All i think about was the…