Hirate Yurina Interview from NYLON JAPAN October 2019

The Center of Keyakizaka46’s debut single, “Silent Majority” was a 14 year old girl by the name of Hirate Yurina. Since then she have stood on the stage with overwhelming presence and charisma, and have captivate people regardless of their age, gender, or even nation. This is an interview to explore her “present”, as a 18 years old who have been active for about 4 years since their debut.

First of all, can you tell me your impression of today’s shoot?

Hirate: It was fun. Every shot feel fresh, though it’s the same to all other photoshoot I’ve been. I got to wear a neutral colored checkered boyish jacket and white mini skirt that I would never pick to wear. That “out of usual” is fun. Today I am surrounded by the staffs I often work with. I could trust them, and it made me feel relaxed and able to stand in front of the camera.

Your expression in front of the camera is impressive. Depending on the outfit you wear, you could look mature or looking like a baby face. When performing, you e…

"I'm back" "Welcome Home" (Harada Aoi, blt graph vol 46)

The girl who was standing on the pier that looked as if she’s going to cross to the other side called adulthood. But no, she stopped just before the front gate. A dialog filled with what happened in one year and three months, one that tells everything.
Welcome back

Aoi: Ah, I’m back~ (laughs)

By the time you come back, 3 members have graduated from the group. I’d like to know how you feel about that…

Aoi: I was told by Yone (Yonetani Nanami) about her graduation ahead of everyone. She said through a phone call, “When Aoi enter university, I’m sure you can do both Keyaki and school. I’m sorry I couldn’t be an example for you”. I told her that she shouldn’t think like that.

Aoi: Yone has a big heart and is a person who I can easily talk to about anything with, whom you can seek advice with. A person who pays close attention to her surroundings and comforts you when you are down. I was saved by her attentiveness many times before so I said “Returning to a Keyaki without Yone in it will f…

Harada Aoi's Solo Interview (Bessatsu Kadokawa Keyakizaka 20190807)

She took a hiatus in May of 2018 to focus on her studies. After about a year, she returned during Republic of Keyaki 2019. It’s been awhile since we met the girl who shyly waved her hand.

The date was 3rd of May 2018. About a month since the 2nd Anniversary Live, Harada Aoi announced her hiatus in her own blog. And without her, the group released the 7th single, Ambivalent and the 8th single, Kuroi Hitsuji. Other than the Summer National Tour and the 3rd Kouhaku performance, there are also other changes like the 2nd gen and Hiragana Keyaki’s (now Hinatazaka46) 3rd gen members.

There are voices of concern about her, but the good news came at 5th July. On the first day of the annual Republic of Keyaki, she returned to the stage after a year and two months and was welcomed by members and 16,000 fans. 

Small happenings that occurred. Her first Ambivalent performance.
She should be feeling anxious and uneasy as she approached the performance time, but what did she actually feel? “I was worried…

Session 02 (Sugai Yuuka x Yamasaki Ten B.L.T September 2019)

Sugai Yuuka, who is both Keyakizaka46’s Captain and is one of the oldest members. Yamasaki Ten who is the youngest in the group. The two of them are 23 years old and 13 years old respectively, but age may surprisingly not matter. The easy going Yuuka and the dependable Ten-chan, the two of them think of Keyakizaka’s future.

The two of you have exactly a 10-year age gap, right...?
Yuuka “I was surprised when I first learn of Ten-chan’s age. When you speak of Keyaki’s youngest, Techi (Hirate Yurina) comes into mind. It was shocking that Ten-chan, who is much younger age, entered. But it made me happy to hear that she likes Keyaki and it made me feel excited. But there are worries such as whether we will be able to hold conversation, or whether she is in her rebellious period (laughs).”
Ten “Ever since I meet Sugai-san for the first time, I could feel a mysterious comforting feeling from her. Like in between an older sister or a mom… Of course, age-wise she is way too young to be a mom (l…

Session 01 (Watanabe Risa x Tamura Hono B.L.T September 2019)

For Keyakizaka46, the word of “21 member” has become their identity. Something that strengthens their unity. Fans have surely seen the beauty of “bond”, and thus made the girls into legends.
New members have been added into Keyakizaka46. The story that has seen several farewells is certainly not tied to the locks of the past. This is the present and the future of Keyakizaka46. This is the new tone of Keyakizaka46.

During the photoshoot, Tamura-san did a shocking confession to Risa-san, saying "I like you!"

Hono "I'm the type that can't speak to the person I like. I love Risa-san before I even entered Keyaki. My feeling is too strong, but if I tell her she might think that it's too much and distance herself from me, so I never said it. But since there is an opportunity today, I thought "Okay, Let's say it!"

Risa "I thought that she's really cute. She doesn't feel like someone of the same age, more of a little sister."

Hono "…

Encounter (Sugai Yuuka x Sakurai Reika BUBKA April 2019)

There is no other way to call the idol world these past few years with anything but “Sakamichi Era”

Nogizaka46, who has continuously won the “Japan Record Award”, reigns at the top. And following right behind is Keyakizaka46, who has been giving shock since its debut with its innovative performance.

The two captains, Sakurai Reika and Sugai Yuuka, who can be said to be the leading figures behind the creation of this era will meet in BUBKA.

Sound from the dressing room next door
―― Today is the planning Sakurai-san wished for!

Reika: Ehehe

―― When I interviewed her before, we started talking about Sugai Yuuka-san, and she said “We don’t have a chance to meet if it wasn’t for a project, I want to chat with her so please do make one.”

Yuuka: Ah, I see

―― But there are certainly times where you talked, right?

Yuuka: We meet during music programs.

Reika: But it feels like we don’t talk much then. Even if our dressing room is next to each other, it is separated by a partition. I can hear Keya…