Kingdom of Mona (Bubka 2017 September Interview)

Elegant Ball Play
To commemorate the founding of Mona Kingdom, we have prepared the cover page for this month!

Suzumoto “Eh~!”
Watanabe “Amazing!”
Shida “I don’t know that we are getting the cover page”
Please accept this as BUBKA’s pledge of loyalty to Mona Kingdom
Shida “Thank you very much. It makes me really happy”
Mona Kingdom boasted that they have the unity of steel, but I heard that it was slightly disputed yesterday?

Shida “There was a little disturbance, like how Dani (Oda Nana) acted like she doesn’t care about me”
Oda “Am I not allowed to do that!?”
Shida “She gave me cold responses, so I told her 'I’m dropping you out of the kingdom'”
Oda “Fufufu”
Not calling her to join the cover shooting (laughs)

Shida “Yes. Akane also joined in by saying “You’re going to be dropped out” too (laughs)”
Moriya “Fufufu”
Just when Oda-san is working very hard

Oda “That’s right! And then, “We’re not even getting the cover!” like that (laughs)”
I’m glad you could make it to this shooting. By the way, this is the first time in our history that the cover member are decided by the members themselves! Mona Kingdom has taken over BUBKA!

All “Eeeh!!”
Moriya “Amazing!”
Suzumoto “Thank you very much!”
How was the shooting?

Oda “The clothes are a bit…”
Shida “Pupupu...”
Moriya and Suzumoto “Ahahahaah!”
You are already laughing (laughs)

Oda “The clothes I wore were very different from the clothes I usually wear. Like, wearing sukajan at first…”
Watanabe “The Sukajan”
Oda “That’s right, the Sukajan. But I don’t usually wear retro clothing so I enjoyed it”
And last, the black costume with make up that’s a little different than usual

Moriya “Aah that was our first cover”
After all, Mona Kingdom must look cool.

Suzumoto “Ufufufufu”
Who suited the outfit the best?

Moriya “I think the King did”
Oda “Yup”
Shida “Thank you for standing up for me”
You thoroughly educated them (laughs)

Shida “I get what you mean (laughs)”
Oda-san was also teased during the shooting

Oda “I wonder why~ (laughs)”
Shida-san and Watanabe-san especially like to tease her

Watanabe “Ufufufu. Oda Nana, tell us the name of your 5-year-old son”
Oda “Who the hell is that (laughs)”
Watanabe “Then tell me the name of the 1 year old one”
Oda “Stop it~ (laughs)”
Yone “Ahahahaha”
You have kids?

Watanabe “She has a 5-year-old and a year old son (assertive)”
Oda “I don’t have kids (laughs)”
Shida “Oda Nana is a Talent Mom* (laughs)”
Watanabe “Ahahahah!”
Oda “I’m an idol!”
*Talent (Celebrities) who also have a children
You are always teased even during shooting, what is the reason why you do not stubbornly answer to them?

Oda “I’m doing it without minding much of it. I was concentrating on the shooting”
Does this always happen for 365 days (every day)?

Oda “That’s right”
Shida “Ahahahaaha!”
In that condition I understand why you close the door to your heart and to your room

Oda “That’s right, fufufufu”
Moriya “I understand (laughs) But, Dani, it’s cover page you know. Cover page.”
Shida “Dani, it’s the cover page you know?”
Oda “When they told me that I cannot say anything else (laughs)”
What else do you feel in this shooting?

Oda “You guys bowled, did you?”
Shida “Yes we did. It was either gutter or strike. Ahahahaah!!”
Moriya “The width of the swing (laughs)”
Shida “There were only 2 choices, whether to knock down nothing or everything (laughs)”
Moriya “As expected from the King!”
Shida “Ufufufufu”
Did you bowl a lot?

Shida “It was my first time since elementary school”
Shida and Risa also went to a game center, did you?

Watanabe “We did. I had a showdown with the King”
Shida “It was fun”
Last month, we interviewed the King, did anyone of you read it?

Watanabe & Moriya “We did”

Shida “You definitely didn’t read it (pointed her finger to Suzumoto)”
Suzumoto “Yup”
Shida “Dani definitely did not too”
Oda “Yeah…. Ufufufufu”
Shida ‘Yone, did you read it?”
Yone “I did”
Shida “Eh! Thank you!”
Did you read it because you are interested on it? Or is it because the flow of the situation?

Yone “Because of the flow. ‘What is Mona Kingdom?’, I became interested”
Watanabe-san, what do you think after reading it?

Watanabe “I laughed out loud”
Oda “I see~” 
Watanabe “It was very funny”
Moriya & Yone “It is”
Shida “Wow”
Watanabe “Something like ‘Colonel’...”
Everyone “Ahahahaha!”
Watanabe “Everyone is given a title. I don't understand how Mona Kingdom came to be established with these members
I see

Watanabe “When they told me that today’s shooting is about Mona Kingdom, I feel glad that I read it beforehand”
So you normally read it. It is important to make preparation before work. But wait, there are people who didn’t make preparations….

Oda “I did know about the existence of Mona Kingdom because it became a popular topic but...”

Oda “Ufufufu”
Please don’t try to avoid it by laughing (laughs). Oda-san, as the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, not reading BUBKA could be considered a blasphemy against activity (laughs)

Shida “That’s right!”
Oda “Ahahaha!”
Watanabe “Dani~”
Oda “But i think that this seems to be interesting”
You think of that but you didn’t read it

All: (Laughs)
Shida: I will drop it, I will drop her position.
Oda: You mean dropping me from the position of being Minister?
Shida: If there is a shooting next time, I will not call you.
Moriya: Oh my gosh
Who will be in there to fill in her place?

Shida: Fuuchan (Saito Fuyuka)
Yone: I see!
Shida: I really want her.
Before that, Watanabe Rika is a trainee in the kingdom, is she not?

Oda: A trainee ((laughs))
Shida: Hahaha yea a trainee!
Oda: What do you mean?
Shida: Right now, Pe (Watanabe) in the process of moving into the kingdom (laughs)
It is because the unders have to wait in preparation, right?

Shida: Is that bad?
Watanabe: Dani~
Shida: When you go home will you read this?
Oda: Yes, i will

The Dani Taste
In the previous issue, each title was appointed from the kingdom. What do you think about that?

Watanabe: For me, I did not know the meaning of “Colonel “ so after searching it….I felt like i have to win.
All: (Laughs)
Shida: Where? ((laughs))
Yone: What? ((laughs))
I don’t know what the target is ((laughs))

Watanabe: I also don’t know ((laughs))
You don't know, but you were given the "Colonel" title, so you feel like you have to win (laughs)

Watanabe: Being given that, I must be able to protect the kingdom
What wonderful fighting spirit! There is also a person appointed to the name of “Evil Magistrate”

Oda&Yone: Hahaha
Moriya: Thats me! I don’t know the meaning of the word, but if I were to search it up, it would be relating to a bad person, right?
Well, on occasion “Evil” is bad ((laughs))

All: (Laughs)
Moriya: So that's why I feel like I should learn to be more cunning
Weren’t you given this position because you already possess “Evil magistrate“ traits?

Shida: Because she already had those characteristics from the start
What are the characteristics of a “Evil Magistrate”? (laughs)

Moriya: But I am happy with it!
Are you really satisfied with it? Speaking of Moriya, in the previous issue there is also the talk about you shouting in the bathroom ((laughs))

All: (Laughs)
Suzumoto: Yea!
Shida: You remember right? Everyone was like “Who is that yelling in the toilet?"
Moriya: I really did make you worried huh?
Oda: Yes!
Shida: We asked the staffs “Is there is someone shouting in the toilet?”
Moriya: Yea yea ((laughs))
Were you getting pumped up or were you letting out your stress?

Moriya: I let out my stress ((laughs))
Shida: The way you shout is scary!
Do you build up that much stress?

Moriya: (Nods)
All: (Laughs)
Moriya: Surely, there was something up that day ((laughs)) I was ecstatically shouting but i made everyone worried so i was like “Huh?” ((laughs))
You were ecstatically shouting? ((laughs))

Moriya: Yes, ecstatically ((laughs))
But Mona Kingdom has the image of a group that shouts, like with Suzumoto

Suzumoto: Eh?
Shida: She yells a lot
Something like “Aaaa—!!” right?

(Watanabe and Shida imitating Suzumoto)
Watanabe: “Ehh—!?"
Can you demonstrate for us?

Suzumoto: “Aaa—!!!"
All: (Laugh)
You are always screaming in between shootings are you not? The readers may not know, the image of those shouts are strong.

Suzumoto: But that was a while ago. But that was a phase
What is the current phase?

Watanabe: Lately, she only has the image of sticking close to Dani
Shida: Right
What do you mean by “sticking close to”?

Oda: Like staring at me and coming over
Suzumoto: (Stares at Oda)
Oda: Yes, like that. She always disturbs me
It is because Suzumoto likes Oda right?

Suzumoto: Yes (quickly replies)
What does Shida and Watanabe feel towards Oda? I assume that you say you like her.

Watanabe: I like her.
Shida: Suzumoto’s meaning of like is different than mine
It is not LOVE

Watanabe: I feel like hugging her now
Shida: She kinda lets me eat her
She lets you eat her?!

Oda: Hahaha
Shida: Fufufu, I would try biting her
Watanabe: Yea
Not “Yea”!  Does that mean that you actually bite her?

Watanabe: Shida and I have bitten her
Shida: Though I desperately try to resist doing it ((laughs))
Where do you bite?

Watanabe: Her arm
What happens after being bitten?

Oda: I become empty-headed

Shida: She doesn't react
Did you enter the path of Zen?

Oda: The fans will become jealous and are like “how great~"
Watanabe: Dani’s fans would ask “how does it taste"
Oda: Hahaha
What kind of taste is it?

Watanabe: Taste like nothing
Oda: Hahaha
The one biting and the one being bitten doesn’t feel anything, nothing comes out of it then? (laughs)

Shida: Nothing comes out of it (laughs)
But, those kind of playful acts may bring the Mona kingdom closer.

All: Yes, yes

Chef's cooking ability
Back to the topic on job position, there will be a Chef right?

Yonetani: Yes, It's me. Although I prefer going out for a meal...
Shida: She can't cook!
Yonetani: I can't cook(laugh).
A chef that can't cook?!(laugh).

Moriya: Isn't that bad! You need to put in more effort!
Shida: There was a time where I even received a cup ramen from her
Yonetani: Ah, I did give it to you before(laughs).
Shida: I thought, if it's Yone then I bet she will definitely have it.
Yonetani: I had a feeling I had some so I went to check and I really did have a cup ramen
Is it possible that just by that occurrence,from there it was decided she was to become the chef?(laugh).

Yonetani: ahahaha! ah, you know what..actualy it wasn't ramen, it was udon(laughs)
Everyone: ahaha!
Shida: plus, it was a big sized one too
Yonetani: yeah, It was huge(laughs).
5 times bigger I presume. So I guess you really don't cook.

Yonetani: I don't.
In regards to The King’s "Chef", is it okay if we settle it as it is?

Yonetani: well.....It's okay. I will more or less cook, If I’m told to cook(laugh).
Your loyalty is strong indeed(laughs). Next,there is a "Princess"

Shida: fufufu
She hasn't read this so she doesn't know about it yet. It's written here that Suzumoto is a "Princess".

Suzumoto: Aa~, I did hear about it just now. I was really surprised~(frankly).
That was quite a weak reaction(laugh).

Shida: This sort of vibe makes her very princess-like.
Moriya: Like how she's blunt and doesn't try to flatter?
You certainly don't like those types of princesses that try to butter up to you right?

Shida: I really don't. (shrugs shoulders)
Something like her not wanting to ruin her image and be fake ?

Shida: I'd prefer her to be free by being herself.
So the "Princess" position is settled?

Suzumoto: Yes. I will carry that role freely.
Next there's "Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology"

Moriya: Seriously, what is that?
Oda: What does this mean?
Shida: Eh? It's because you like to read books(laugh).
Oda: Just because of that?!
Shida: Because there's no other position.
Oda: There's none?!(laughs).
Moriya: It's a special position added in just for you right? That's amazing!
Oda: You're right I guess, I'm grateful
Shida: Well you see, It's because there isn't any other position that  fits Dani's image is there?
Suzumoto: How about someone who protects the castle?
Shida: Ah, that sounds good!
Moriya: Ah!!
Shida: Guardian Deity!
That's so cool!

Oda: I guess I'm okay with that.
Shida: But you're definitely weak(laugh).
Moriya: Will everything really be protected?
Oda: It will, it will be protected!
Shida: I bet you won't be doing anything right? You'll definitely be reading a book or something in front of the castle.
Oda: fufufu. I probably will be(laugh)
Moriya: You'll be like "No one’s coming~"(laugh)
Shida: Yeah! while you’re in the middle of waiting!
Suzumoto: In that case, that's bad isn’t it!
The gatekeeper who diligently reads(laughs)

High-speed walk
In the previous month's issue, The King told us about everyone's episodes, But today I would like to hear about The King's episodes from everyone here.

Moriya: Recently, we hung out with her right?
Yonetani: We did!(laughs)
Moriya: She really look like she was having fun! Even though we went to this place because we wanted to take some purikura..but as soon as we got there, she got glued to the Claw Crane Machine near the entrance instead. When she was playing it and trying to catch something, she goes "Kya!!". She really gets into high spirits like a young girl, it was so cute that I even took a video of it.
Yonetani: The (Sanrio's) Cinnamon plush was huge...
Shida: You got it wrong! It's Moomin!
Watanabe: You did this before too right?
Shida: I did.
Watanabe: Right after work, We went to the game center, as soon as reaching the entrance she immediately plays the UFO catcher that has Moomin in it....
Shida: The same thing happened(laughs)
Watanabe: She will look for it and be like "Mooomin!!"
Moriya: She gets really excited right?
Watanabe: Yeah! as she frantically goes at it.
Oda: So cutee.
Watanabe: the end result, she caught a ball!
It wasn’t Moomin(laugh)

Watanabe: Right below Moomin there was a ball, so she caught that instead.(laugh)
Shida: I don't want it!(laugh)
Why do you like Moomin so much?

Shida: I really love Moomin. Moreover, I love playing Claw crane machine games.
Moriya: Wouldn't it be cheaper if you just directly buy it?
Watanabe: That's true.
Shida: But the challenge is fun, I love it.
Did you go for a meal together?

Shida: We did go for a meal together right?
Yonetani: We did.
Shida: The 3 of us(Moriya & Yonetani) surprisingly hung out together.
Moriya: And, Shida walks really fast by the way.
Yonetani: Ah, yes fast!(laugh).
Suzumoto: Really fast!
Is that some sort of policy of yours?

Shida: Once a destination is decided, even by just a little I want the interval between going to the destination and reaching it to be as short as possible.
Moriya: It's amazing isn't it? Really!
Shida: (While pointing a finger at Moriya) She's really slow!
Everyone: Hahaha
Shida: She walks really slow(laugh). And, It's unbelievable how frequent she bumps into someone while walking!
Everyone: Ahahaha
Watanabe: She really looks like she would bump into someone(laugh)
You're not doing it on purpose are you?(laugh) Or are you not used to being in a crowd of people?

Yonetani: I get what you mean(laugh)
Shida: Most of the time, something like her bag will hit someone!
What's the meaning of this?

Moriya: Huh? I don't quite realize that this happens so I don't know.
Next, there's a theory that has surfaced about the King being “innocent”?

Oda: Innocent. Like a young boy.
Is she pure?

Oda: Pure! Even though she has this cool or adult-like image(laugh)
Watanabe: As expected Dani, you really know these things.
Oda: Things like, her being in high spirits and how she likes to play around and tease(laugh)
That sounds like what a boy would do.

Moriya: But there are times when we’re calm, completely quiet.
Oda: Ah!
Shida: Really quiet.
There is a time when you shouldn’t pull pranks

Suzumoto: In Keyaki everyone is like that right?
Yonetani: Right.
Shida: But Fuuchan is always the one to ignore it and keeps talking!!
Everyone: Ahahaha!
Oda: I know right! (Laughs)
Shida: She keeps talking even after I’d say something like “We should probably stop now” (laughs)
Oda: And she would say “Wait, wait!” (laughs)
Shida: Saying something like “Manaka, look alive! (while clapping hands)” (laughs)
Everyone: Ahahaha!
Oda: She’s a nice person (laughs)
So that’s what makes her not being included in the kingdom!

Shida: That’s correct!
You know how to read the mood.

Shida: Yesterday too i told her, “Absolutely no long speeches” (Laughs)
Watanabe: Ah!
Shida: Fuuchan talks really long. Unconsciously, she’d talk for a long time and I’d tell Risa “If she talks too long, send her a signal to stop” (Laugh)
Everyone: Ahahaha!
You work behind the scenes, you’re scary Colonel! (Laughs)

Shida: Then Risa’s face would say “Hey you’re taking too long”
Moriya: Well, It’s really drawn-out.
Shida: Like forever (Laughs)
There’s also a topic that Shida is an S.

Everyone: Hmmm?
Yonetani: She’s only like that with Dani, I think.
She’s not like that with other people, just to Dani?

Yonetani: Yep. She’s like that.
Oda: But she’s the same with Fuyuka, it just goes on and on…

Oda: I think I’ve had enough already.
Shida: Hahahaha!
Moriya: The 2 of them are being targeted.
Watanabe: Yep.
The 2 of them have guts.

Shida: Fuuchan says so too.
Watanabe: “Your unreasonable requests are really harsh” (laughs)
Shida: Since it’s really funny, I’ll order them even more.
A graceful play from the King

Shida: Fufufu.

Showdown against the Republic of Keyaki
The six of you did a Showroom broadcast the other day, right?

Shida: With the exception of Yone.
Yonetani: I wasn’t there.
Watanabe: It was Fuuchan instead.
You played a game in that broadcast.

Shida: The Mozarella Cheese game!
Moriya: It was really fun. I was surprised at the effect of SHOWROOM. It’s amazing.
Watanabe: It has become a topic at the Handshake event.
Strangely it got a lot of viewership.

Shida: It was amazing. Around 70,000?
Watanabe: Yeah.

Moriya:  It was a lot of fun. I want to do it again!
Shida: Let’s do it again!
Is everyone like this during break time? Like everyone is chatty

Moriya: We are like this during break time
Suzumoto: Yeah.
Keyakizaka46 has this image in their songs. Like youth rebelling against something. That image and what you displayed in the SHOWROOM is completely different. How do you deal with that gap?

Shida: You also have a time when you’re careful not to go overboard right?
Suzumoto: Hahahaha.
Was everyone this lively from the start?

Everyone: (Shakes their head saying No.)
Yonetani: Until now I’m not much like that.
Oda: Hahahaha!
Shida: Very composed.
Suzumoto: That’s true!
Yonetani: In the dressing room too
Shida: Completely by herself.
Yonetani: Basically listening to music the whole time.
Shida: Either that or sleeping
Oda: Sleeping. (Laughs)
Moriya: I thought “Where could they be?”
Shida & Yonetani: Sleeping!
By the way, it was decided that "Republic of Keyaki 2017" outdoor live will be held at Fuji-Q Highland. (Already ended) What will the Mona Kingdom do about this opposition?

Everyone: Hahahaha!
Shida: I don’t understand!
Will Mona Kingdom crush them?

Yonetani: Crushed by the Kingdom (Laughs)
Shida: Ah-, Risa!
Watanabe: What?
Shida: She’ll definitely fight.
Watanabe: For sure!
What do you mean “For sure!” You’ll fight Republic of Keyaki?!

Moriya: We belong on both sides.
Watanabe: This is complicated
What are you going to do?

Shida: Isn’t this awesome? They are doing a live over there (in FujiQ)
“They?” Isn’t it you yourselves? (laughs)

Everyone: Hahahaha!
Moriya: Then let’s ride the jet coaster!
Shida: What are you saying?! Well FUJIYAMA is fun. Is there a member who can’t ride thrill rides? Dani can you ride it?
Oda: It’s scary, but I like it.
The King has a cool image from the start, does the members still think so?

Moriya: I think it has changed.
Everyone: Yeah.
Gradually, you started to grow.

Shida: I thought this enthusiasm would eventually pass.
So you do understand it yourself

I think it's okay to show your true self.

Shida "Yes"
Suzumoto "Fufufu But ever since I joined, it seems I already had an overreaction. I have many surprising memories of my reactions when I am surprised. I don't know what kind of response would be good so I try to refrain from reacting in front of Manaka. "
Shida and Moriya "Eeeeh~~~!"
Suzumoto "I’m trying to make myself more calm" (laughs)
Shida "I didn't know!" (laughs)
Moriya "Too worried" (laughs)
Shida "Eeeeh~!"
The Princess is worried, isn’t she?

Shida "Eventhough I love it so much!"
Yonetani "Hahahaha"
Shida "Her reactions are very cute you know"
Please do it more and more. (laughs)

Also, since we have already established a kingdom, let’s decide on something as our goal.

Shida "Someday I want to sing with these members!”
Watanabe "That’s good."
Moriya "I want to sing!"
Shida "Dani as center!"
Oda "Oi~!"
Moriya "Waaaaah!"
Suzumoto "Yaaay’"
(Everyone clapping)
The King isn’t the center?!

Shida "Dani is the center!!"
Oda "Stop it!"
Shida "But with 6 people, it's difficult to divide with a center. We should add Fuuchan"
Yonetani "Fuuchan!"
Kingdom song meaning it's the National Anthem right?

Oda "National Anthem" (laughs)
Moriya "I wonder what kind of song it will be."
A song that relays the magnificence of the Kingdom?

Shida "Think about it Oda"
Oda "It will probably become something lame. (laughs) Like a song for children. (laughs)
Moriya "What does the King want to do?"
Shida "I want to shoot an MV!”
Suzumoto "Eeeh! That sounds fun!"
Shida "I want to work again with the same members because it's fun to be with them. Even if it's not a song, I want to take a video."
How about a short movie or something?

Shida "I want to do it!" (laughs)
Oda "That sounds good!"
Yonetani "A short movie is good"
We pray that this page will reach "KeyaKake"

Moriya "That is true"
It's something you would want to do in the show right?

Everyone "Location Shooting!"
Shida "I want to go!"
For the time being, that's the goal for the near future right?

Shida "Yes!"
Later, you might want to build a castle right? Because image-wise, it would seem like the King would live in a castle.

Moriya "That is true" (laughs)
Yonetani A castle?!" (laughs)
Suzumoto "A castle is amazing" (laughs)
Moriya "Where will we build it?" (laughs)
Suzumoto "In Bali!"

Shida "Manila?"
Suzumoto "Manila! Manila!"
Yonetani "Manila?!"
Shida "Danila" (laughs)
Oda "Danila?!"
Shida "Let's build it in Danila" (laughs)
Oda "Yeah! Manaka thought of it"
Shida "King of Danila!
Watanabe "Yes!"
I am a bit confused. (laughs) The ultimate goal is to build a castle!

Shida "Yes!"
Unfortunately, it is already time. Can we have a final message from the King for the readers?

Shida "I wonder what.. Eeeh, to all the fans, we are not always in this kind of tension so I hope you would understand… (laughs) Also, I am always asked, only members can enter Mona Kingdom."
Everyone "Hahahaha"
Who would have thought! A rejection! Well Mona Kingdom is a sacred place after all. It was a considerably lax interview though. (laughs) In order to transmit that mood to the readers as closely as possible, everything will be put together loosely on purpose, from the questions to the final compilation & editing

Moriya "It was very fun!"
Shida "If Fuuchan was here it would have been the best!"
Oda "It was very interesting right?"
Likewise, we are glad to have shot the cover with Mona’s Kingdom! Thank you very much!

Everyone "Thank you very much!"
(Recorded in Tokyo on July 13)


Oda Nana
Born on June 4, 1998, from Shizuoka Prefecture. Has a resting-place-like existence in Keyakizaka46.  The name of the stuffed camel she brought with her in SHOWROOM was decided to be "Danida". There were a lot of other suggestions given in the survey but in the end, Shida’s suggestion was chosen.
Nickname: Oda Nana
Shida Manaka
Born on November 23, 1998, from Niigata Prefecture. Reigning at the top of the dictatorship where laughter never ceases - "Mona Kingdom". She is the King of Happy. Like laughing alone while watching a video where Oda is forced to laugh exaggeratedly, looking at citizens videos and photos, which brings her great joy
Nickname: Manaka
Suzumoto Miyu
Born on December 5, 1997, from Aichi Prefecture. Has an extraordinary sense of reaction, an idol with a hundred/many faces. The huge gap between her graceful persona in media and her high tension self shown in the SHOWROOM broadcast makes the hearts of the fans skip a beat.
Nickname: Suzumon
Moriya Akane
Born on November 12, 1997, from Miyagi Prefecture. A Naturalist with a fighting spirit for challenges, someone who is intense (gives her all) in everything. Purchases additive-free products like cosmetics from "VECUA Honey", food from "Natural House", etc. And of course, her commitment towards beauty is intense as always.
Nickname: Akanen
Yonetani Nanami
Born on February 24, 2000, Osaka Prefecture.  Despite having a well-established reputation for being a poor riser, she is the morning blogger of Keyakizaka - the group that continues forward on a thorny road. For the disliked memorizations, she established a visualization learning theory which is published in her blog. For a summer course, hurry to Yone's seminar!
Nickname: Yonesan
Watanabe Risa
Born on July 27, 1998, from Ibaraki Prefecture. A Tsunderella, her love for Oda is endless. Like during handshakes when their lanes are next to each other, she smiles when she hears Oda’s voice, in the train she holds Oda’s hand, even biting Oda’s hand and many more. Many eccentric cases have been reported in relation to Oda.
Nickname: Berisa

Translator and QC : toomuchidea, hmmero , ariadne32391 , saekokuga874, okonomiya and Tuturu
Raw : Sena from Stage48


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